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Fic: Fire and Ice -- 1/? -- Xander/Angel

Title: Fire and Ice
Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Xander/Angel
Author: [personal profile] suki_blue
Genre: Futuristic Sci-Fi
Rating: NC-17 overall for sex, language and violence.
Summary: Thirty thousand years have passed and Angel is keeping a low profile on Artemi 7, one of five exiled planets with no government and no law. He's busy brooding, and ridding the locals of their pesky demons in his spare time. But his peaceful existence is destroyed when he meets a man from his past and a powerful and ancient demon ventures from its fiery chasm.

Beta'd by [personal profile] kitty_poker and [personal profile] amejisuto. Thanks, guys! And also thank you to [personal profile] literati who, as usual, has led me astray.

Chapter 1